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SALE! LUP Loded Ultimate Toe Rings Nail Polish Tilter Footcandy Gift Certificate Silver Open Band Crystal Toe Ring
SALE! LUP Loded Ultimate
Sale Price:$248.00
Nail Polish Tilter
Sale Price:$2.00
Footcandy Toe Separators Horseshoe CZ Illusion Toe Ring Silver Twisted Toe Ring Sterling Silver Queens Crown Toe Ring Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Bead Chain Anklet
Twisted Toe Ring
Sale Price:$12.00

Add Some Sparkle to Your Step

Footcandy Sparkler Toe Ring

Sale Price:$32.00
Footcandy Sparkler Toe Ring

These beaded chain 14k gold toe ring sparklers are a wardrobe staple for glamour girls. The delicate appearance is subtly sexy and completely comfortable. Created in 14k 1mm bead chain, these toe rings just roll with the toe to feel comfortable and cast a sparkle where ever you go. Wear alone for a subtle look or with other Footcandy toe rings.

Approximate weight is .1 DWT

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Silver CZ Charm Toe Ring
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